(Bath & body)

Alight in a field of four-leaf clover hand and body lotion


Intensive positive luck (When you need good things to happen-yesterday)™.

Scent: Green tea & white tea and clover

Infused with actual Four-Leaf Clover extract imported from Ireland. It’s all about an abundance of GOOD LUCK! Still feel like a litter of black cats is forever crossing your path? Are rain clouds still obscuring your lucky star?

Not to worry. Here’s a glimmer, or more accurately, a shimmer of hope...

For some extra-positive reinforcement, we’ve harnessed the silver lining from all of those big, dark clouds and sprinkled it into this ultra-hydrating, soothing lotion.

To start the good times rolling: Use just a smidge and smooth over skin for a subtle silkening or apply more liberally for a serious smoothing Your skin will feel like it’s hit the jackpot!

Be careful to avoid whiplash as your fortune will turn around so fast...And break out your deck shoes because your ship has finally come in...
Leaves skin healthy, wealthy and wise.


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Alight in a field of four-leaf clover Hand and Body Lotion