(Bath & body)

Caresses, not carbs hand and body lotion


Temptation Resistance (Where there is willpower, there is less to weigh)™.
Scent: mandarin, grapefruit and guava.
The scent of tangerine is said to reduce the craving for sweets. Infused with Horse Chestnut extract to reduce cellulite, improve circulation (makes skin look rosy and healthy) and soothe tired leg muscles. Great after a workout!

Passing up the extra pasta seem impossible? Doughnuts sending you subliminal messages? Hold on-- don’t let that baklava break you. We’re sending you some extra reinforcement.

Tell the pastries to shut up, say sayonara to the spaghetti and indulge yourself in healthy food and this rich, luxurious, fat-free moisturizer infused with horse chestnut extract said to strengthen circulation and help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

To nourish skin and psyche: Use just a smidge and smooth over skin for a subtle silkening or apply more liberally for a serious smoothing. Your skin is soft, hydrated; you are positively glowing. Realize you are now, and always have been, radiant. Your self-esteem is out of the kitchen and through the roof.
Leaves skin healthy, wealthy and wise.


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Caresses, not carbs Hand and Body Lotion