(Bath & body)

Liquid freud hand and body lotion


Emotional well-being (When you need to turn up the volume on your inner voice of reason).™

Scent: coconut milk with a splash of mango. Infused with: St. John’s Wort for an immediate mood lift. St. John’s Wort, called “herbal Prozac” is a natural anti-depressant; it calms, balances emotional extremes and helps to maintain normal mood and emotional stability.

Going through more emotional extremes than a reality dating show contestant? Is your keel so uneven it’s making you dizzy?

Time to get back on the couch: Use just a smidge and smooth over skin for a subtle silkening or apply more liberally for a serious smoothing. How do you feel about that? Supple, soft, glowing. All in balance, your yin realigned with your yang.
Leaves skin healthy, wealthy and wise.


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Liquid Freud Hand and Body Lotion